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The standard we place on the products that leave our plants on a daily basis is quantifiable. More than one million parts and no complaints – we will not be satisfied with anything less. We only achieve this zero-defect quality (zero ppm rate) by using state-of-the-art testing technology and implementing the highest standards in quality assurance and management.

Our quality philosophy is based on preventive maintenance. For this reason, we implement many different testing methods, and we continuously invest in the latest technology. This includes highly accurate laser test rigs that detect signs of wear on the tool before there are even microscopic traces of wear on the workpiece.

In addition, the traceability of components is the most important part of our quality assurance process, and this method is relatively rare. Each individual part is detected via barcode, documented in our PPS system and then given its own unique ID. The data yields successive product lifecycles for each component, and also for all systems and engines assembled in a Weber plant. This allows us to track the time at which any one of these respective parts underwent a machining process, and on which machine this process was carried out. If a defect occurs in spite of all preventive measures and precautions, our specialists can determine the cause of this defect and where it originated within just a few minutes. They can then respond immediately and eliminate the cause of the defect.

Quality has many facets or levers that can and must be utilized. The objective is clear: The defect rate must be kept at zero. It is our responsibility to ensure zero-defect quality.

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