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The message is clear: We want to remain competitive, be among the best in the world and provide our customers with the best possible quality. This is why ALBERT WEBER has relied on state-of-the-art production technologies and automated processes for many years. Automation means using machines that are available with absolute reliability around the clock. Automation means flexibility and the efficient use of resources. Automation also means maximum effectiveness, productivity and process reliability. Last but not least, automation means optimum harmonization of unique human abilities with the machine(s).

The objective: Perfect results, satisfied customers and partners and, of course, a spot at the top of the global automotive supplier industry.

We work closely with the world's best machine manufacturers in an effort to achieve this objective. Together, we further develop our production concepts, plan the flexible use of machines and equipment, and organize the layout of complete production lines. Of course, it is hard to conceive of automation without information technology. The digital networking of design engineering, manufacturing, logistics and quality management and a comprehensive line control system ensures the process reliability we need to compete with the best.

Our IT infrastructure enables us to react to changes quickly and flexibly. For example, when a new order is received, new and existing machines can be configured as a new production line and integrated into the central line control system quickly and easily. This process is almost identical to plug-and-play. The advantage: The production lines can be put back into operation quickly, which saves time and money. In addition, our production systems are flexible enough that we can also produce prototypes and small-scale production series efficiently and cost-effectively.

With our process monitoring system, we can always keep an eye on all processes. This system returns important key performance indicators online in real time (24/7 from any of our global locations). These KPIs include performance, productivity and product quality. This helps us ensure that the unit quantities requested by the customer are delivered at the agreed time. Compliance with deadlines and delivery dates is an additional important criterion that is used to gauge our quality. At Weber, Industry 4.0 has long been a reality.

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