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In the course of transition from a component supplier to a system supplier, we have taken on more and more assembly tasks. This has been a long-cherished goal and is soon to be an express customer wish of various premium manufacturers. This is how we want to get there: No longer deliver individual components, but complete assemblies. For example, a cylinder head together with fixed, installed intake and discharge valves, cam shaft and other components. Direct to the assembly line and ready for installation.

We have arrived. But it was a long way there. And a technical challenge. Because the demand for cleanliness and care in manufacturing and assembly has risen over the past years in the automotive industry. Therefore, cleanliness is a significant quality criterion for us. So we complete our assemblies at German locations under near-cleanroom conditions. In rooms in manufacturing halls equipped with special filters and fresh air and exhaust systems. And thus under certified conditions as well. 

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