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ALBERT WEBER specializes in machining engine blocks. Approximately 300,000 units leave our plants in Germany and the US every year. Our flexible production technologies and processes allow us to create almost any type of engine block from any kind of raw part material, including aluminium, magnesium and cast iron. Below is a selection of our product references:

DesignV8 engine block
MaterialAluminium alloy with LDS coating
MachiningExclusively for AMG Mercedes
DesignInline-six cylinder for cars
ProcessingExclusively for BMW in high quantities
DesignInline-six cylinder for lorries
MaterialCast iron
Component dimensions105 x 60 x 50 cm
Component weightapprox. 350 kg
Designfour-cylinder engine for commercial vehicles, such as excavators and trucks
MaterialCast iron
Component weightapprox. 150 kg
DesignV6 engine block
MaterialAluminum alloy
CustomerTextron Motors
DesignInline two-cylinder head for watercraft and recreational vehicles
Material Aluminum alloy