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In order to satisfy our customers' requirements for innovation and precision, perfection and quality and to be able to continue our dynamic development, we rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, a high level of automation and process safety. On consistent quality management and sophisticated logistics. And, above all: On qualified and motivated employees!

Employees who work with heart and passion and who identify with the company and its products. Who face new technological challenges daily. Women and men who are compatible with us and harmonise with each other in teams, personally and professionally. And want to keep striving for more. For personal development, for progress, for making a difference. People like you! Come and join us!

As a global player, we offer you good career opportunities in an international arena – for apprentices, students, new career entrants and professionals. A wide variety of jobs are open to you in our company in Development, Production and Administration.

Here you will find room to grow and develop your potential. In an environment that challenges as well as promotes you – with attractive further training and qualification schemes. A climate of openness, personal respect and results-oriented team work. A climate in which you will feel at home. Where you can give your creativity free rein and youwill find an open ear for your ideas. In which you will benefit from the experience of colleagues. Here, hierarchies are lean and doors are always open. And the most important leadership tools are trust and the freedom to work independently.

ALBERT WEBER is a company with tradition. In an international environment with state-of-the-art production technologies and maximum automation, we plan for the long term and think ahead when doing business – in the interest of securing jobs – today and going forward.

Our core values


We are convinced that the production site in Germany will remain viable and competitive in the future. We our expanding our production capacity in Germany and creating new job positions there. 


All products and services from ALBERT WEBER have one objective in common: We use our innovative ability and system expertise to fulfil a quality standard that does not accept any errors. Providing the highest quality has always been our top priority. 

Targeted advancement

At our company, you’ll find yourself in an environment where we push you hard but always have your back. We offer highly beneficial advanced training and qualification options. A culture of open-mindedness, personal appreciation and goal-oriented teamwork.


All of our customers are excellent companies with which we maintain close, professional and fair relationships and for which we develop innovative products. Short-term success is not the most important thing - reliable, long-term partnerships are.


Precision and quality are possible only with employees who have heart and passion, and who identify with the company and its products. Only this can ensure that Weber will have a successful future.