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Are you about to graduate from secondary school? Do you have an appetite for high-tech or big business? And do you want to finally get started in your career? Then get on board with us. Because professional training with us means discovering a bundle full of opportunities and chances and experiencing first-hand how solutions for innovative products are formed. No matter whether you are interested in commercial or technical training or dual studies: ALBERT WEBER offers you a well-rounded entry into your career.

With us, the focus is on the person. Because we know that in addition to a high technological standard in development and manufacturing, we need outstandingly qualified, dedicated and loyal employees. This is the only path to success.


ALBERT WEBER prepares young people with skilled training for responsibilities in technical areas, in computer science and system integration as well as in commercial areas.

Dual Studies

Lay the foundation for the rest of your professional career – with a business or technical degree in a dual studies program from a university of applied sciences. Well-founded and practice-oriented.